Since my collaboration with Emy started, I’ve had to opportunity to get my hands on some amazing writing instruments, one more fascinating than the other, with history behind and a craftsmanship one can only dream about.

From Montegrappa’s Lord of the Rings, to Onoto’s Spitfire made out of Duralumin (a form of aluminium) originating from 1940 Battle of Britain Spitfire “P7350”, or other exclusive projects Emy did with Leonardo Officina Italiana for example, each writing experience surpassed the other and surprised me in the most pleasant ways.

My choice?

What I never expected was to fall in love with a fountain pen while I was working on creating the product on Pen Venture’s website. Before I even had the chance to get my hands on it, the pictures Dan took of this beauty had me already hooked.

That perfectly balanced shape and size, the attention to details and the brushed silver trims that remind me of Mercedes-Benz interior design, along with the eclectic color convinced me that this fountain pen needs to end up in my collection.

Considering that all the other fountain pens I own are either black or blue, taking a leap of faith and choosing the beautiful green Crysocolla was a huge step out of my comfort zone as I usually don’t like things that stand out and draw attention.

For my first exclusive fountain pen, I couldn’t have picked out a better writing instrument than the Montegrappa Zero Chrysocolla Pen Venture Exclusive, and to please my ego, I chose no. 21 to mark my birthday.

Equipped with a steel fine nib, the writing experience is a true bliss, but I do think that’s also due to Emy’s tweaking the nib to my own liking. The screw-in cartridge converter makes it easy to fill up the fountain pen even when in a hurry, and the balanced weight makes it wonderful to use even posted.

One of the things I like the most is the elegantly placed Pen Venture logo, between the Montegrappa writing on the clip and the Montegrappa logo set under the sapphire crystal window on the cap, but maybe that’s just a biased opinion since I do collaborate with the company’s owner.

All in all, I think my enthusiasm is clear and my happiness to own a fountain pen created in Italy’s most advanced pen manufactory, more than evident.

P.S. Pics are done with my phone in the natural light of my living room, and I don’t think it took a toll on the remarkable beauty of this writing instrument at all.